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Childcare area

We are looking for educators, social assistants and curative educators for 30-35 hours per week (unlimited) for our day care centers in Leipzig.

If you have any questions, Mrs. Standar and Mrs. Winter from the daycare coordination department are available by phone at 0341/231 61 21

Please send applications by email to You can find the complete job advertisement here.

Outreach Family Therapy (AFT)

For our family outreach therapy (AFT) team, we are looking for an unlimited number of: n social pedagogue: in, social worker: in, psychologist: in or educational scientist: in with additional therapeutic qualification on a part-time basis (negotiable).
The scope of the job can be extended to up to 35 hours / week when working in the field of outpatient care for upbringing. You can find the advertisement right here.

field of education

For the area of ​​educational positions, we are looking for individuals and/or couples with or without children who, as professional foster families, would like to offer a child a new home in their household. You can find the full call for proposals right here.



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