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Socio-cultural center in Leipzig-Gohlis

Since 2017 the FAIRbund e. V. the Budde House. The villa, built in 1891 as an event house, as well as the wonderful area with beer garden, art garden and the creativity workshop in the garden house result in a unique socio-cultural ensemble. It offers all age groups space for artistic and cultural activities, for encounters and education.

Around 25 associations, initiatives and private providers from the cultural, leisure and social sectors use the premises for regular offers: courses, rehearsals, meetings, demonstrations, counseling. The large hall and three other rooms are also open for one-time use. FAIRbund coordinates and supports these activities and organizes its own events in the field of cabaret: theater, reading, concerts, films, lectures.

If you would like to support the Budde-Haus with a soli-ticket, please click here , Thank you very much!

You can find more information on the history of the house, the rental of rooms, the beer garden under the ginkgo tree as well as dates and events at


Use rooms in the Budde-Haus for culture, education and encounters

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Budde house
Socio-cultural center
Jürgen Schrödl (House manager)
Dörte Strobach (Deputy House Manager)
Lützowstrasse 19
04157 Leipzig
Tel .: 0341 - 90 960 037
Fax: 0341 - 90 960 038


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