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From June 27.06.2022th, 17.01.2023 to January 4th, 24, 32 Italians between the ages of 7 and XNUMX will travel to Leipzig for an internship. The interns spend XNUMX months in Leipzig and are supported by the FAIRbund e. V. and are insured through the Erasmus program.

There is an expense allowance of €350,00 per person for the accommodation of the participants. The guests receive a grant from the Italian sending organization, from which they can also take care of their own catering.

If you have a furnished room available in your household and would also like to share your kitchen, bathroom, etc. and are generally interested in an intercultural exchange, then please send us a short e-mail to or call us 0341-2316122.

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As part of the ERASMUS + program, young people from other European countries regularly come to Leipzig to do an internship, learn German and gain experience in other European countries.

The colleagues of the EU projects office of the FAIRbund help with the organization of accommodation, internships and related organizational tasks. Depending on the wishes and age of the interns, we are happy to work with host families or shared flats so that the participants are well integrated into life in Leipzig. We also support you in finding a suitable language course.

In cooperation with APRO Formazione Scarl, the EU project office regularly accepts new interns from Italy in Leipzig. For three months in winter 2021, ten young people lived with host families in Leipzig and completed an internship. Four new interns are currently working in kindergartens until November 2022. This offer will be continued in the coming years.

We are happy to be available as a project partner for the organization of ERASMUS + stays. Please contact us for more information.

Our Italian interns in December 2021:

Our current interns from Italy:


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