Job offer in the field of outreach family therapy

For our family outreach therapy (AFT) team, we are looking for an unlimited number of: n social pedagogue: in, social worker: in, psychologist: in or educational scientist: in with additional therapeutic qualification on a part-time basis (negotiable).
The scope of the job can be extended to up to 35 hours / week when working in the field of outpatient care for upbringing. You can find the advertisement right here.

Vacancies for educational professionals in day-care centers

FAIRbund is the sponsor of 6 day-care centers in Leipzig. We are currently looking for educators, social assistants, childhood educators, curative educators and curative educators for permanent positions.

Please send your application by email to You can find the complete job advertisement here.

If you have any questions, Mrs. Standar and Mrs. Winter from the daycare coordination department are available by phone at 0341/231 61 21

Show FAIR commitment

In view of this once again challenging situation in which our city and our country are now, we would like to continue to sensitize you to show consideration for your fellow human beings, to show solidarity and fairness. One of our most important concerns is to help families in particular who were already in a difficult situation before the Corona crisis.

The protection of the well-being of children and young people has top priority. You can contact us with your Donation help. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and wish you lots of strength and health!

Donate FAIR loyalty


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It is very hot outside and Anna (5 years) begs: "Shall we play hide and seek?"
Mother: "Anna, it's really too hot for me today."
Anna: "Oh please, I'm also hiding in the shade!"


Nicole (5 years) and Jasmin (7 years) watch a police officer. Nicole "Look, there is a police officer!"
Jasmin in an instructive tone: "Yes, that's a traffic cop." Short break. Nicole: "What did he do wrong?"


Klara (4 years old) takes the tram past the illuminated Leipzig City Hall and is happy: "Look mom, a castle!"
Mother: "This is not a castle, this is the town hall." Klara: "Ah, do people bring their bikes there?"


Anja (5 years) tells about her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Rella.
The mother corrects her: "Mrs. Kurella."
Anja: "But you don't say cow!"


Mark (4 years) and bee (6 years) sit at the table and do handicrafts.
Mark only sits there and watches.
Bee: "What are you doing, Mark?"
Mark: "Nothing, I'm lazy."


Josif (5 years) watches a pregnant woman eat liver sausage bread.
Finally he bursts out: "Are you going to have a brown baby now?"


Josephine (4 years) and Laura (5 years) sit at the table and talk about siblings.
Laura: "I still have a half-sister." Josephine thinks for a while, then: "Well, I have a whole sister."


Adam (6 years) insists that he gets the first piece of the birthday cake, even though he is not the birthday child at all.
His mother outraged: "Where does that say ?!" Adam: "On the Internet!"

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