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The kindergarten is open Monday to Friday from XNUMX a.m. to XNUMX p.m.
Capacity: XNUMX crèche places and XNUMX kindergarten places

The daycare center for children is located in the north of Leipzig in the Eutritzsch district. On the edge of a residential area, surrounded by gardens and green areas, you can reach our small house.

The children are cared for in three core groups, there are five friendly group rooms. Two green outdoor areas with old trees, different play equipment, a sandbox, various seating options and a terrace area welcome the children to play and run around.

Children are admitted to the facility from the age of 1. Our company works partially open with a profile that is geared towards science education and everyday language learning. The aim is to promote and strengthen social skills, knowledge transfer and own learning experiences. The very different development requirements and individual characters of the children are given special consideration.

By focusing on science education, we help children through the experiences that help them explore the “secrets of the world”. Through “seeing - marvelling - trying out” we accompany the children on the way from discovery to understanding. The discoveries and experiences gathered are of valuable importance for life as a whole.

Aware that language learning is the key to educational success and that language support must begin as early as possible, the focus in pre-school education is on the targeted and intensive promotion of language.

The kindergarten is connected to public transport via tram line 16 and bus line 90. Parking for cars and bike racks are available directly in front of the facility.


Children's day care center “Thünenstraße”
Heike Rakow (team leader)
Birgit Frank (deputy)
Thünenstrasse 2
04129 Leipzig
Tel .: 0341 - 2 384 827
Fax: 0341 - 9 118 408

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