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The daycare center is open Monday to Friday from 7.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.
Capacity: 60 crèche/nursery places and 120 kindergarten places, including 8 integration places

The Children's and Family Center (KiFaZ) is located close to the center in the east of Leipzig and is easy to reach by public transport. We work in an intercultural environment and look after children from many different nations. Various forms of parenting work take place regularly in our facility in order to further strengthen the partnership between parents and educational staff. For example, we offer a parents' café or family breakfast. In addition, there are themed parents' evenings where parents can talk to each other and their parenting skills are further strengthened. Language and cultural mediators also support families with a migration background in integrating them into the facility.

In our house we work in groups. The children can therefore decide which educational offers they would like to participate in according to their own wishes and individual needs. Various functional rooms are available to implement these offers and projects. The nursery area is on the ground floor. In addition to a climbing room, there is also a cozy room, a dolls room and a nest group. These rooms are practical and tailored to the needs of the little ones.

On the first floor, mainly the older children from three to six years old are looked after. They can be artistically active in the studio, for example, or relax in the reading room and listen to a story. The playroom has a variety of board games and puzzles for the children. In the construction room you can play with building blocks or Lego. If your children likes to make music and dance, then they will feel safe in our music and theater room. In the exercise room, children can develop their motor skills with the help of various play equipment. If your child likes to explore and research the environment, the experiment room will provide the best conditions for doing this.

There is a multitude of play options in our large outdoor area. In addition to large sandboxes and several climbing opportunities, there is a long driving route for scooters and tricycles, as well as a herb garden. Furthermore, the facility has willow houses as play huts and a boat, which invites you to play. In the immediate vicinity there are several parks and playgrounds, which the children like to visit on walks and excursions.

Our kindergarten is part of a school partnership with institutions from Sweden, Greece and Italy on the subject of "Intercultural Education" funded through the Erasmus + program. (Sep. 2018 - Feb. 2021)

Flyer Intercultural Education

A social worker works in our house, who advises families on educational issues, family difficulties and personal concerns. In addition, she supports parents with questions about applications, accompanies them to offices, authorities or mediates in advisory systems. The position is funded by the European Social Fund and the Free State of Saxony.

The Kita Kohlgartenstraße is a children's and family center

The daycare center is a partner in the Comenius project on early childhood intercultural education

Measures for children with special learning and life difficulties are funded by:

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