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Children and family center (KiFaZ)

A place to meet parents in the same life situation and offers for parents in the day care center

Parents are the most important adults alongside the children. At the same time, however, children are spending more and more time in educational and care facilities. So that the youngest are given the best possible support and can grow up well, parents and day care centers should work hand in hand. In addition to the children, children and family centers also focus on the entire family and the social room:

  • We strengthen and support families in performing their educational duties and are contact persons for everyday issues.
  • We advise families, support the compatibility of family and work through special offers or mediate in problematic life situations.
  • We offer parenting events on a variety of topics.
  • We are a meeting place and are closely linked to other social institutions in the district with family-oriented offers.

Joint parent-child campaigns outside normal opening times show: Mums and dads also enjoy the time in kindergarten on tent or reading nights or guitar courses. Parents, who otherwise meet by chance, make contacts in the parents' café, organize their free time together or set up carpools for preschool hours. Parents save additional ways because the daycare provides their rooms for speech therapists, occupational therapists or early intervention.

Parents feel that their questions and actions are being taken seriously and are given answers, as is the case with some themed parenting evenings (1. Help with children, appreciative handling of anger and anger with children, language topic evening, workshop “exercise and healthy eating”).

We are also looking for your support for this. A family center needs ideas and suggestions from those who use it and no longer want to be without it. We would like to be in regular contact with you in order to find out the interests and wishes of each individual or to ask for support in certain moments.


KiFaz coordinator
Jochen Felthaus
Erich-Zeigner-Allee 77

Tel .: 0341 - 492 70 061

KiFaz coordinator
Susan Lohse
Kohlgartenstrasse 9

Tel .: 0341 - 69 938 942

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