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Because language is the key to the world

All children should benefit from good educational opportunities right from the start. In January 2016, the federal program "Language Day Care Centers: Because Language Is the Key to the World" launched by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth. With this program, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs promotes language education integrated into everyday life as an integral part of daycare for children.

This is an important step towards more equal opportunities. Because language is the key: through it we open up the world, get in contact with people and acquire knowledge. Studies have shown that language skills have a significant impact on further education and entry into employment. This applies particularly to children from families with educational disadvantage and families with a migration background.

Our 2 specialist consultations in the federal program look after a total of 3 associations with a total of 35 facilities from 11 agencies from Leipzig and the surrounding area. The main tasks of the specialist advice are the systematic further training of the tandems (language specialists and management of the facility), the individual support and advice of the facilities, help with conflicts, the organization of networking and the individual advice of everyone involved in the project. In addition, tandem meetings, language specialists 'meetings, sponsors' meetings and individual development talks take place regularly in the facilities. The specialist consultations represent the interface between the federal government, pädQuis, sponsors, management and language specialists and mediate between the various actors.

FAIRbund has integrated language education as an integral part of the educational work at all daycare centers. One of the central tasks of the seven FAIRbund language specialists is to pass on their skills to the day care team. They are a model of good practice and ensure the sustainability of the federal program "Language Day Care Centers". Against this background, common and individual priorities are set at the FAIRbund institutions:


Expert advice on the national language program

Dorit Istel / Anastasia Schindler
Rückertstrasse 10
04157 Leipzig

Dorit Istel: 0176 - 438 24 764
Anastasia Schindler: 0177 - 313 91 86


Kindergarten Goya Street
In addition to language learning integrated into everyday life, in which language plays a special role in day-to-day daycare, the pedagogical staff can regularly reflect on their methodology for language promotion in video coaching. Pedagogical work is based on an open-minded and child-centered attitude as well as motivation and willingness to cooperate. There is a library for educators and children and we lend book backpacks and familiarization photo books for the home. There are video-supported development talks to strengthen the educational partnership. Once a week, the children meet in a small group with “Rabe Quassel” for language games and dialogical reading sessions, as well as with a volunteer for reading sessions.

Kita Thünenstrasse
One focus of the pedagogical work within the federal program “Sprach-Kitas” is in the daycare center Thünenstraße especially in the everyday integrated language support. We use the entire day-care center routine to encourage children to develop their language. Through targeted offers (e.g. work on the garden beds, excursion to the local library), the use of various media (books, narrative theater etc.) as well as through singing, repeating, telling (songs, rhymes, poems, finger games, table sayings) the children are specifically stimulated in their language development and the interests of the children are taken up. We mainly use videography to document language development. The video recordings are used in addition to written documentation for parent and development discussions. In addition, digital picture frames at the entrance areas of the individual groups provide insights into the everyday life of daycare and offer opportunities for discussion.

"Zwergenland" Kindergarten
The “Zwergenland” daycare center at Erich-Zeigner-Allee 77 is characterized by its collaboration with families in the language project. The transparency of the project towards parents and families is particularly important to us. Parents and families are regularly informed about current topics relating to the language project via a language information letter. There are also many opportunities for regular exchange with parents and families during the daycare year
at celebrations, celebrations and joint events such as the father reading night, the tent night, the summer concert, the lampion parade or the Christmas market. Another focus is on the language-promoting acting of the colleagues with the children and the regular language observation and documentation of the children of the day-care center Zwergenland, with the aim of enabling equal opportunities for everyone.

"Wilde Hummeln" Kindergarten
Like the “Dwarf Land”, the “Wilde Hummeln” day care center is part of the children's and family center at the Erich-Zeigner-Allee location. An important focus is therefore also the intensive cooperation with families through language information letters, through lively exchanges with parents, at the festivals mentioned above or through parent-film afternoons about the everyday life of our facility. There are many opportunities in both houses to optimally support the children in their language development at home. B. through our mobile book case. Furthermore, video work and joint reflection on the own dialogue of the specialists in video coaching have become an important part of our work.
As a future pure crèche, the gentle accompaniment of parents and children during the acclimatization will become the focus of the language day care project.

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