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When children and adolescents put a heavy strain on family home life

Sometimes families come into critical phases, in which the parents cannot fulfill their educational mandate temporarily or permanently. The consequence of the high psycho-social burden on children from such a living environment is usually developmental disorders and delays or behavioral problems.

To counteract this and to give the children and adolescents a feeling of normality and empathy, we offer our “family-oriented living”, the stationary youth welfare in a shared apartment. By means of regularities, tasks and standard situations in everyday life in this family-like living group, we create the basis for an indispensable feeling of home and well-being among children and young people with us and among each other.

8 children and adolescents can move into the FAIRbund community from the time they start school until they are 18 years old. A specialty of our supervised form of living is the mixed-age, gender-oriented, family-oriented small group. Each roommate is actively involved in the entire everyday process, takes on tasks of living together and at the same time has freedom in which he experiences independence and self-determination as well as trust in his own actions.

Established relationships with the individual caregivers give the children and adolescents support and security. Outside of the family environment, they meet reliable and development-promoting framework conditions and are given the opportunity to correctly classify and process their often traumatic experiences.

The child's relationship with the family of origin is often very stressful and ambivalent. Nevertheless, this relationship remains an emotionally important point of reference for the children and adolescents. It is therefore very important for us to actively involve the parents in the help process where possible.

The length of stay in the shared apartment is regulated individually and depends on the specific need for help. Possible goals are a return to the family of origin, a change in the type of care or to prepare the young people for an independent life in their own apartment.

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Visiting regulations in accordance with the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance: Please inquire about the current visitor regulations via the facility.

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