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Educational institutions

Giving a child a home

Education centers are a professional form of support for education in a family, for couples or individuals with or without children of their own, tested by the foster children service of the youth welfare office. Here, children find a new family in a private household. Due to serious disturbances in their previous reference and family system and traumatic experiences, the children show developmental delays and behavioral problems. In an educational institution in which at least one person has completed pedagogical or psychological training, a child or young person is given the opportunity to be integrated into a family with stable and permanent attachment figures. On the basis of reliable relationships, the child is able to develop and come to terms with its own history and trauma.

It is the task of the parents to look after, educate, support and protect the foster child according to their individual needs and taking into account the difficult previous life experiences. Living together as a family enables the children to gather new experiences and deal with their feelings.

The developments and challenges of everyday life with children who are brought up in places are discussed in regular consultations, exchanges of experience and further training.

It is a prerequisite for this activity

– the willingness to cooperate openly with the advisors of the FAIRbund e. v,
– treating the child’s family of origin with respect and
providing appropriate contacts as well
- Cooperation with all those involved in the help process (general social service, guardian and others)

The FAIRbund e. V. is one of 4 independent youth welfare organizations that have joined forces by means of a cooperation agreement to form the association of educational institutions in Leipzig and continue to work together.

Zum Association of educational institutions Leipzig include:

• FAIRbund e. V
• Herbie e. V
• Diakonie Leipzig e. V
• AWO Stadt Leipzig e. V

The advisors of the FAIRbund e. V. take over the accompanying advice of the families of the educational institutions, the families of origin and the institutions involved in the support process of the educational institutions.
A parent training course with 7 themed evenings and talks with advisors from the FAIRbund e. V. form the preparation for working as a full-time caregiver.

We are still looking for foster parents for educational positions! If you are curious, please contact us!​



Education counselor
Elke Kuegler
Tel .: 0157 - 51 700 348

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