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Outreach family therapy

A short-term therapeutic offer to activate hidden potentials

Our outgoing family therapy (AFT) is a form of help according to § 27ff. SGBVIII for working with “multi-problem families”, which is basically done by two family therapists. The inclusion of the social environment plays an important role. Although it aims directly at necessary changes in the families, it still leaves the greatest possible responsibility with the families themselves.

Objectives of outreach family therapy:

  • the destructive interactions and patterns in families and with their environment should be changed,
  • Parents take (again) parental responsibility for their children,
  • the families give no further or less reason for external interventions.

Outreach family therapy activates hidden potentials and resources of the families over approx. 26 sessions by looking at previous attitudes and unsuccessful attempts at solutions by the family together with the family and by working out alternatives in co-therapeutic work. This approach enables change steps in the families that are often not considered possible at the beginning of family therapy. Outreach family therapy can benefit from pressure and coercion. It is particularly helpful when there is a risk to the well-being of children when pressure and pressure (including legal requirements) confront families with the need to make changes and to demand them. A motivation of the families for such work is not required.

The AFT service is performed in Leipzig by family therapists from the FAIRbund e. V. in cooperation with family therapists from Fink e. Spent. The joint work is reflected on in regular team consultations and supervision, and we incorporate the impulses gained into the ongoing process.


Outreach Family Therapy (AFT)
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