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growing together, feeling connected

FuN - baby

FuN Baby - play, sing and discover together!

At FuN-Baby there is plenty of time for you and your 1 to 18 month old baby. But also to exchange ideas with other parents. The abbreviation FuN stands for "Family and Neighborhood". In our 8-week course, 6-8 mothers or fathers and their babies meet for 1 hour in the morning.
After a guided play time, there is time to get to know each other over coffee and tea and to exchange ideas.

Participation is free. The current course dates can be obtained from the educational and family counseling center of the FAIRbund e. V. be asked. FLYER

Are you interested? Registration combined with a short preliminary interview is possible via:

Educational and family advice center of the FAIRbund eV
Eisenbahnstraße 66
04315 Leipzig
Telephone: 0341-64029420

E:du - parents and you (formerly "Opstapje")

E:du- parents and you (formerly "Opstapje")
E:du is a game and learning program for parents with babies and children up to 6 years of age.

E:du is aimed at families who want targeted support at home. Our offer is currently aimed at families from the east and center of Leipzig. The program encourages children to play and gives parents more security and self-confidence when dealing with their children.

E:du supports parents with children between the ages of 0 and 3 in building a good relationship with each other. They get to know games with which they can shape everyday life and support their child's development.

E:du supports parents with children between the ages of 3 and 6 in gaining more confidence in dealing with their child and encouraging it through play. It can also help prepare for school.

Thats how it works:
An employee visits you at home once a week. Under her guidance, you will receive game suggestions and materials to strengthen the relationship with your child, shape everyday situations and play and learn together. In this way, you playfully promote your child's speaking, body movement, thinking and social development.

At our fortnightly parent meetings you get to know other parents, can exchange ideas and receive valuable information on family issues from our team.
E:du enables immigrant families to gain initial experience with the German language.

Please contact our coordinator for more information
Andrea Schlagman
Eisenbahnstrasse 66, 04315 Leipzig
Tel: 0163-56 70 755,

This program is funded by:

FuN - family & neighborhood

FuN - an approach to strengthening and educating families

In joint actions, parents and children talk about their different interests and needs. They playfully try out new ideas and exchange experiences for a good cooperation. The aim of the eight-week family education program is to promote the integration of parents and children in the respective institution.

The following competencies are strengthened:

  • Family cohesion
  • Self-respect and respect for others
  • Self and external perception
  • Communication and contact

Through the integration into social networks in the immediate vicinity, families experience desired cooperation as well as support and get to know offers of help. Due to its experience and action-oriented approach, the family program is particularly suitable for families with other cultural and educational histories.

Fit for school - with the HIPPY preschool program

Pre-school in particular is a transition phase full of challenges. How can children train the most important skills for school? To master this task, children need the support of their parents.
The HIPPY preschool program, which has been tried and tested in many countries worldwide for 50 years, strengthens mothers and fathers in the learning relationship with their children. HIPPY stands for Home Instruction for Parents and Preeschool Youngsters. Concentration and language skills should be trained together and stress-free and the homework situation should be practiced. The focus remains on the fun of learning and creating a good time together - for children and parents.

A HIPPY employee will support you in the pre-school phase for one to two years. She regularly brings home game and learning material and explains how you can support your child. Then try out five times a week with your child in playful learning. About 15 minutes a day is enough. You can discuss any questions that arise during your next home visit.

Every 14 days we explain the new materials to you at our parents' meeting in Eisenbahnstraße. Here we also answer your questions about starting school, raising children and spending your free time. And most importantly: Here you can exchange ideas with other parents, support each other and make contacts.

HIPPY is also suitable for immigrant families. Our employee supports you in understanding the German materials. You can also improve your and your children's German skills.

The HIPPY team in Leipzig.

Please contact our coordinator for more information
Andrea Schlagman
Eisenbahnstrasse 66, 04315 Leipzig
Tel: 0163-56 70 755,

HIPPY is a program of IMPULS Germany - early education in the family and is supported by participants of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie.




Article in the R.SA listening channel about HIPPY:

Upcoming Events

Discovery time for fathers & children
Playing together, trying things out, discovering new things?

Children love it when dad takes his time. Because then you can start playing, discovering, doing something nice together.
We cordially invite all fathers with their children. Together we discover small adventures in the big city.

always on the second Saturday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m

in the YMCA family center,
Schönefelder Allee 23a, 04347 Leipzig

Further information …

  • we have a lot of space in the big garden,
  • with playground and toys,
  • with space for your own ideas & exchange,
  • with experienced hosts.

The offer is free for fathers and their children. The responsibility for supervision remains with the parents.

CVJM-KITA gGmbH • phone 0341-26675540

Diakonie Leipzig educational and life counseling • phone 0341-1406040

FAIRbund eV family counseling center • phone 0341-64029420


Educational and family counseling center
Jens Altmann (team leader)
Luise Gröger (team assistant)
Eisenbahnstraße 66
04315 Leipzig
Tel .: 0341 - 64 029 420
Fax: 0341 - 69 868 121


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