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An encouraging offer for children with separated parents

Every child experiences and processes the separation of their parents differently - loudly and directly or quietly and with themselves.
The group offer aims to support and relieve children in this life situation. You can share concerns and desires, become active yourself and gain new strength. With games, stories and creative material, they learn new ways that
perceive and express your own feelings.

Can participate ...
6 preschool and primary school children (siblings can only be accepted in different groups)

In a preliminary discussion (without children) we inform the parents about the group offer and jointly check whether it appears suitable for the child. When deciding to participate, the consent of both parents is important to us. The binding registration is laid down in a joint agreement.

Advice & group management
Susanne Lose & Jens Altmann
Employee of the educational and family counseling center

• 10 group meetings once a week for 60-75 min
• A parents' evening after the 5th group meeting and a final discussion
• accompanying parent talks as needed and by arrangement

Intercultural dance course

The dance course of the Palestinian Folklore is aimed at children and young people between the ages of 9 and 18 and takes place every Sunday from 14:00 p.m. to 16:00 p.m. in the Budde House. The course is free of charge for the participating children.

The aim of the course is to bring Palestinian folklore and culture outside of Palestine to people interested in other societies and to address children from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds in order to achieve the greatest possible diversity.

The children train different choreographies for performances. They presented their skills, for example, at the family festival as part of the OST lights and at the traditional welcome evening of the Lord Mayor in the New Town Hall. The dance takes place in traditional original clothing from Palestine, and musical instruments, which are often used in Palestinian folklore, are also used.

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