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FAIR experience

Awaken hidden competencies

Our team includes experienced, well-trained adventure educators who can be booked individually or in a team to work with groups.
Our concern is experience-based learning for personal growth and better group dynamics. The target groups are children, adolescents and adults.

Our offers:

  • Team training for small and large groups
  • Team building for school classes
  • Introductory days in primary and secondary schools
  • Experience-pedagogical planning and implementation of excursions or specific occasions

We take inquiries for individual programs at any time.

The experience pedagogy has its roots in the reform pedagogy. It is understood as an experiential and action-oriented pedagogical approach. Educational processes combine the elements "person", "group" and "nature sport challenge" as well as "reflection". This supports learning processes and enhances competencies with the aim of being able to help shape the living environment in a responsible manner.
There are no internship positions available in the area of ​​experiential education.


FAIR experience

Frank Dreffke
(Social worker,
Nature and adventure educator)
Mobile: 0176 – 73 22 12 70

Philip Wachler
(Social worker,
experiential educator)
Mobile: 0157 58 03 699

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