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Responsibility on a large scale

Jens Altmann (CEO), Master of Science in Education and Systemic Consultant and Therapist, is a full-time employee of the FAIRbund e. V. works in the educational and family counseling center and in family education. For him, the association grew in particular from the professionalism, the ideas, the energy and the shared sense of responsibility of the employees. Further promoting this spirit and keeping an eye on the whole, he wants to get involved. Innovation and development need successful communication and a solid basis.

Krystina Klement is a graduate in social education and a master's degree in personnel and organizational development, currently in the office and outpatient help full-time at FAIRbund e. V., Krystina has been active on the Board of Directors for over ten years. She would like to support all employees in their projects, in the implementation of innovative ideas, in their further education aspirations that move the association and themselves forward. The expansion of financial stability, the search for other financing and insurance options and the further development of the association as an attractive employer are just as important and fundamental for her.

Joachim Faselt is a business graduate and is currently engaged in administrative tasks at a logistics company. As part of his work on the board, he would like to steady the previously successful association work and help develop future-proof projects. For this he brings in his business knowledge as well as social commitment.

Gabriele Kurtew is a trained book dealer and worked as an accountant at Kling Holding AG. For several years she was in charge of the FAIRbund's accounting. It is a great support for all questions regarding accounting, taxes and donations.

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