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How do our neighbors work? What does your education system look like? What pedagogical concepts do they implement? Above all: what can we learn from it?

The FAIRbund enables you to see the bigger picture in other European countries. In one-week training trips, you will learn the theoretical background, visit facilities, take part in workshops or observe. And you will get to know the country and meet people.

There are training trips to Finland, France, Italy, Sweden and Austria. On-site partners of FAIRbund are educational institutions and facilities with different thematic focal points. Pedagogical staff from institutions for early childhood education can participate if their sponsor forms a consortium with FAIRbund. Find out how you can become a consortium partner from our project coordinator Dörte Dietrich.

The training trips are funded by the European education program Erasmus +. The scholarships include the costs for preparation, travel, accommodation and the program on site. You only pay a small share.


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