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solidarity projects

A solidarity project is a local initiative that is created and run independently by at least five young people. Participants must be between 18 and 30 years old and the duration of the project should be between two and 12 months. Together you work on your goals and the implementation of the project. They have a wide range of themes, giving you plenty of scope to create a fun and interesting project to your liking.
After applying for the project, you will likely receive funds from the European Solidarity Corps, which FAIRbund eV can help you manage. You can submit project proposals at least twice a year. The application is submitted via a web-based form. The application documents and the form can be found under the following link:


Our current solidarity project

The project that FAIRbund eV is currently supporting is called MenstruAction.
MenstruAction is committed to helping people in Leipzig who suffer from period poverty. The term period poverty refers to the phenomenon when menstruating people do not have enough money to buy period products or do not have access to information about menstrual hygiene, sanitary facilities and/or waste disposal.
For this reason, the MenstruAction team set up donation boxes in several branches of the dm drugstore. The menstrual products can be donated directly at the exit of the dm drugstore after shopping. The collected products are then collected by our team and distributed to various social institutions. In addition, the MenstruAction team also engages with the public by trying to raise society's awareness of the issue of period poverty. The solidarity project is carried out by all participants as an additional commitment alongside work.
The MenstruAction project now also receives EU funding because it was accepted as a solidarity project. It is planned that several coaches from FAIRbund will also continuously support the group. Together we want to achieve a lasting reduction in period poverty in Leipzig.
Here is a map showing the locations of the MenstruAction boxes:

Below is a picture of one of the boxes:

A picture of some members of the MenstruAction team distributing the donations:

Distribution products MenstruAction


Rückertstrasse 10, 04157 Leipzig
Tel .: 0341 - 2 316 122
Fax: 0341 - 2 316 120

Dörte Dietrich (team leader)
Mobile: 0177 - 4 123 172

Andrea Proniewicz

Iryna Svistunova

Emma Schwitter (European volunteers)

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