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As part of the “European Solidarity Corps” program of the European Union, FAIRbund coordinates project placements for European volunteers in Leipzig.

The volunteers from European countries or from partner countries usually work 30 to a maximum of 38 hours a week in social, cultural or ecological areas and are given the opportunity to realize their own small projects. They are supported by the employees at the locations and by the EU project office as the coordinating body.

In the European Week - mostly on May 9, the volunteers organize a large event in Leipzig to show additional opportunities in Europe and to exchange ideas with people from Leipzig.

We support our volunteers in completing a German course according to their respective language level. The young people are housed in shared apartments. This ensures that each volunteer has their own room. The kitchen and bathroom are shared. The volunteers do not pay rent and receive money for meals, travel expenses and pocket money.

Coordinated by FAIRbund employment places in Leipzig.

Description of the FAIRbund locations

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Rückertstrasse 10, 04157 Leipzig
Tel .: 0341 - 2 316 122
Fax: 0341 - 2 316 120

Dörte Dietrich (team leader)
Mobile: 0177 - 4 123 172

Andrea Proniewicz

Iryna Svistunova

Emma Schwitter (European volunteers)

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Alexis from France is currently doing his voluntary service in the EU exchange projects of FAIRbund. In the office he mostly deals with communication and supports the European projects carried out by FAIRbund. He also helps other volunteers so that they can have a nice, carefree time in Leipzig.

"There is no better way to discover a country so vividly and authentically than with an ESC volunteer service. "

Madalina from Romania completed her voluntary service in Leipzig until October 2020 and reports about it:

"I advise young people not to miss the opportunity to do an ESC volunteer service abroad. If you choose a project that suits you, you will have such a great year! I'm experiencing that now. "

Hi! I am Mădălina, I am 22 years old and I come from a small town that was built by German settlers in Transylvania, Romania.

I have been in Leipzig for more than 5 months now and I have the feeling that time has passed so quickly. Although some people say Leipzig isn't a big city, I think it's big enough to find everything you need. There are many parks, cafes, shops, flea markets, concerts, cultural events and more, so there is always something to do. The districts of Leipzig are each unique, there is the inner city, which is the hotspot for tourists, family districts like Gohlis, where the office is located, and also alternative, hip districts like Connewitz or Plagwitz, where the canals are located.

This is my first time living abroad and although I thought it could be a little scary and lonely, I was glad to see that it wasn't. The other volunteers, especially my roommates, as well as my host organization have made the transition to a new country and a new lifestyle so much easier and that I feel that this is my second home. I'm glad I met so many nice people and that we get along so well. I still have some problems with the German language, but everyone is patient and understanding, and I feel like I've improved so much since I arrived here.

As for my work as a volunteer, I work at FAIRbund eV in the EU projects office, with Dörte, who is our team leader, and Iryna and Francesca, who are both former volunteers. Francesca, last year's volunteer, represents Andrea (also a former volunteer) because she is on the sabbatical. The organization functions both as a sending organization and as a host organization and here I learn so much about European projects and all the work behind a project.

The working day is 6 hours and I usually start work at 9:00 a.m. and have a 30 minute lunch break. I like that my tasks are not the same every day and include the following: sending emails and letters, working with some project-related online tools, translating certain texts from German into English or vice versa, doing some administrative office work , PR activities, social media publishing, meeting help and general team support for ongoing projects. When new volunteers arrive, I sometimes help them register in the library or take them around town a little.

I advise young people not to miss the opportunity to do an ESC volunteer service abroad. If you choose a project that suits you, you will have such a great year! I'm experiencing that now!

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