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That is the goal of the EU projects of FAIRbund: living and working in European countries and gathering new social and cultural experiences, developing skills, learning languages, making new acquaintances.

The European Union supports these projects. FAIRbund acts as a sending, coordinating and hosting organization. That means we support both those who want to go abroad and those who want to come to Leipzig from abroad. The offers are varied. Trainees, pupils, students and experienced professionals can get to know Europe. The stays last from one day to one year.

But all projects have one thing in common: they are fun! There is always something new to see, learn, hear and understand, experience, try - and always a lot to laugh about.

Film on the topic of international youth work:

Our EU projects team

Our team consists of 3 employees and one European volunteer. Project manager Dörte Dietrich primarily coordinates the sending and receiving projects for trainees and is a tutor for European volunteers. She advises trainees and experienced professionals who would like to take part in an internship abroad.

Project coordinator Andrea Proniewicz coordinates Erasmus + and ESD reception projects, accompanies European training trips and is a tutor for European volunteers.

Our employee Iryna Svistunova will be happy to advise those interested in completing a European Voluntary Service abroad. Our European volunteer Emma from France is involved in the preparation of the sending projects as well as in supporting ongoing projects and our PR activities.

EU Projects Team: Dörte Dietrich, Emma Schwitter, Andrea Proniewicz and Iryna Svistunova

Europe Day

Almost nobody knows that after a historic speech by French Foreign Minister Schuman on May 9, 1950, Germany and France laid the foundations for an end to their hatred and fratricide. May 9th is a reminder that Europe lives in peace and unity. In order to highlight this historic day, the FAIRbund organizes a day for and with Europe every year together with various Leipzig sponsors and with European volunteers who are currently doing their voluntary service in Leipzig.

On May 8, 2022, our annual Europe Day event took place on the outdoor area of ​​the Budde Haus. This year we had two reasons to celebrate: the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day in Germany - this day coincided with our planned Europe Day celebrations.

On this sunny afternoon, many children and their families were able to learn something new about Europe thanks to a giant European puzzle and various information stands of our association, where interested parties also learned more about the ongoing voluntary services and solidarity projects.

The colorful supporting program offered fun for young and old - and right in the middle were our European volunteers, who helped to look after all stations of the day. They diligently prepared and distributed cotton candy, made handicrafts together with the children and created buttons or transformed children's faces into animals and fairies or painted other motifs as desired.
In the art garden of the Budde house, the pre-school children from the Goyastrasse kindergarten performed a number of children's dances, and the Italiani a Lipsia association also encouraged children and their families to exchange music and dance between Germany and Italy.

At the Buchkinder e. V., beautiful prints and small works of art could be produced. The audience also enjoyed the upbeat music of the Buntmetall brass trio, Magomaya's giant bubble show and Andrea Baccomo's breathtaking juggling numbers.

At the end of the event, 10 mums were happy about their raffle prizes and a small Mother's Day gift each. Of course, there were also consolation prizes.
Thank you for coming and see you next Europe Day! We were very happy to finally be able to organize a face-to-face event again and to be able to welcome friends, families, FAIR alliances and other visitors.

Thanks also to the EU and the funds from the budget approved by the Saxon state parliament, which co-financed our project.








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