Knallbrause, tantshoyz, campfire songs - August in the Budde house

Hello World,
dear friends of the Budde house,

Wikipedia knows: "Knallbrause - also known as Knisterbrause, crackling or crackling sugar - in molecular gastronomy refers to carbon dioxide bubbles surrounded by sugar."
For us it's the flashy name for a theater festival. From August 4th to 7th on our entire site. Organized by and with the Freies Ensemble Jedermann. With a banging program! And in the beer garden there is even a red pop shower to quench your thirst. And there could also be one or two carbon dioxide bubbles floating around. Who knows who knows …
But if you want to know everything in advance:
Read this program!

Zum Monthly program August 2022
See you soon at the Budde house!


Parents course children FAIR available from 09.09.22/XNUMX/XNUMX

A new one begins on Friday, September 09.09.2022th, XNUMX Parenting course for children with 8 appointments. These are aimed in particular at parents with children aged around 0-10 years who have an increased need for orientation, encouragement and support. A maximum of 8 people can participate. The course takes place from 5 participating parents. The offer is funded by the City of Leipzig and free of charge for parents. read more…

Looking for foster families for children

For the area of ​​educational positions, we are looking for individuals and/or couples with or without children who, as professional foster families, would like to offer a child a new home in their household. You can find the full call for proposals here.

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It is very hot outside and Anna (5 years) begs: "Shall we play hide and seek?"
Mother: "Anna, it's really too hot for me today."
Anna: "Oh please, I'm also hiding in the shade!"


Nicole (5 years) and Jasmin (7 years) watch a police officer. Nicole "Look, there is a police officer!"
Jasmin in an instructive tone: "Yes, that's a traffic cop." Short break. Nicole: "What did he do wrong?"


Klara (4 years old) takes the tram past the illuminated Leipzig City Hall and is happy: "Look mom, a castle!"
Mother: "This is not a castle, this is the town hall." Klara: "Ah, do people bring their bikes there?"


Anja (5 years) tells about her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Rella.
The mother corrects her: "Mrs. Kurella."
Anja: "But you don't say cow!"


Mark (4 years) and bee (6 years) sit at the table and do handicrafts.
Mark only sits there and watches.
Bee: "What are you doing, Mark?"
Mark: "Nothing, I'm lazy."


Josif (5 years) watches a pregnant woman eat liver sausage bread.
Finally he bursts out: "Are you going to have a brown baby now?"


Josephine (4 years) and Laura (5 years) sit at the table and talk about siblings.
Laura: "I still have a half-sister." Josephine thinks for a while, then: "Well, I have a whole sister."


Adam (6 years) insists that he gets the first piece of the birthday cake, even though he is not the birthday child at all.
His mother outraged: "Where does that say ?!" Adam: "On the Internet!"

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