Looking for foster families for children

For the area of ​​educational positions, we are looking for individuals and/or couples with or without children who, as professional foster families, would like to offer a child a new home in their household. You can find the full call for proposals here .

Cinema man, Lebedik, garden joy - April in the Budde house

Dear culture lovers,
dear friends of the Budde house,

it's hard these days to go so easily to the cultural agenda. It's war. Not only in Ukraine. In Europe! Not to forget the many armed conflicts that are still going on in the world at the moment, but which we hardly talk about because they don't (anymore) appear in the news.
What can (socio)culture achieve in times of war? Turn? drive away fears? give a hold? Give space to express your thoughts and feelings about it? Using the institution to give help to those affected? We at Budde-Haus can and want to do all of this as far as possible.

To the monthly program April 2022

See you soon in the Budde House.

Parents course children FAIR available from 28.01.22/XNUMX/XNUMX

On Friday, January 28.01.2022th, 9 at 30:8 a.m., a new parents' course Children FAIRstand starts with 0 appointments. These are aimed in particular at socially disadvantaged (resource poor) parents with children aged around 10-8 years. A maximum of 5 people can take part. The course takes place from XNUMX participating parents. The offer is free of charge for parents. read more…

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It is very hot outside and Anna (5 years) begs: "Shall we play hide and seek?"
Mother: "Anna, it's really too hot for me today."
Anna: "Oh please, I'm also hiding in the shade!"


Nicole (5 years) and Jasmin (7 years) watch a police officer. Nicole "Look, there is a police officer!"
Jasmin in an instructive tone: "Yes, that's a traffic cop." Short break. Nicole: "What did he do wrong?"


Klara (4 years old) takes the tram past the illuminated Leipzig City Hall and is happy: "Look mom, a castle!"
Mother: "This is not a castle, this is the town hall." Klara: "Ah, do people bring their bikes there?"


Anja (5 years) tells about her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Rella.
The mother corrects her: "Mrs. Kurella."
Anja: "But you don't say cow!"


Mark (4 years) and bee (6 years) sit at the table and do handicrafts.
Mark only sits there and watches.
Bee: "What are you doing, Mark?"
Mark: "Nothing, I'm lazy."


Josif (5 years) watches a pregnant woman eat liver sausage bread.
Finally he bursts out: "Are you going to have a brown baby now?"


Josephine (4 years) and Laura (5 years) sit at the table and talk about siblings.
Laura: "I still have a half-sister." Josephine thinks for a while, then: "Well, I have a whole sister."


Adam (6 years) insists that he gets the first piece of the birthday cake, even though he is not the birthday child at all.
His mother outraged: "Where does that say ?!" Adam: "On the Internet!"

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