The garden of the Budde-Haus remains a place for art, culture and encounter

A petition for the preservation of the sculpture garden by KuK Gohlis e has been running on the open petition platform since mid-June. V. at the Budde-Haus in Leipzig.
The petition states that "... the FAIRbund, as the operator financially subsidized by the city, is no longer willing to allow this voluntary and non-profit association work in the future."

We are extremely confused about the content of the petition as well as those against the FAIRbund e. V. comments directed as the operator of the Budde House.
The sculpture garden is a figurehead on the grounds of the Budde House and a very special place. As we are well aware of this, the FAIRbund e. V. for several years with those responsible at KuK Gohlis e. V. Conversations to shape the collaboration and to allow artistic freedom in the sculpture garden. The discussion process started in February 2020 with the decision of KuK Gohlis e. V. to stop working in the sculpture garden.

Due to the one-sided representation in the petition, great resentment is not only generated in the Gohlis district. Above all, we are very concerned that art and culture will no longer be possible in this location in the future. This is by no means the aim of the FAIRbund e. V.
Part of the operator concept of the FAIRbund e. V. is to develop the Budde-Haus and its associated grounds with low-threshold to medium-threshold offers as a lively place for cultural, educational and social work and thus to address many different target groups. We can assure you that the sculpture garden will continue to be a place of art, culture and encounter.

The FAIRbund e. V. will seek a conversation with the initiators of the petition and the funding agency Kulturamt in order to clarify the situation.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly.
> Jürgen Schrödl (Head of the Budde House),
Telephone 0341 90960037,

> Silke Hirschfeld (fundraising / PR / organizational development),
Telephone 0341 90980663,

July in the Budde-Haus

Dear people interested in culture,
dear friends of the Budde House,

you will surely no longer be able to hear it: Corona does everything differently. But it will probably stay that way for a while.

Not all cultural institutions can therefore open again and we show solidarity with them. The Budde-Haus, on the other hand, is very lucky to be able to use its wonderful outdoor area for events. That is why Culture July is always “open flair”: from a garden concert to a summer theater. From campfire songs to children's disco. From the Klezmer Summer Festival to the Philosophical Salon.

Click here for the July 2020 monthly program

Keep an eye on your health.
See you soon in the Budde-Haus

Jürgen Schrödl

Job advertisement in the field of ​​outreach family therapy

We are looking for a social pedagogue, social worker, psychologist, educational scientist with additional therapeutic qualifications for XNUMX h to XNUMX h / week (negotiable) for our full-time team on outreach family therapy (AFT) in Leipzig . The number of jobs can be extended to up to XNUMX hours / week for an activity in the field of outpatient help for education. You can find the complete job advertisement here.


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It's very hot outside and Anna (5 years) begs: "Do we want to play hide and seek?"
Mother: "Anna, it's really too hot for me today."
Anna: "Oh please, I'm also hiding in the shade!"


Nicole (5 years) and Jasmin (7 years) watch a police officer. Nicole "Look, there's a cop!"
Jasmin in an instructive tone: "Yes, that's a traffic cop." Short break. Nicole: "What did he do wrong?"


Klara (4 years) takes the tram past the illuminated Leipzig City Hall and is happy: "Look mom, a castle!"
Mother: "This is not a castle, this is the town hall." Klara: "Ah, do people bring their bikes there?"


Anja (5 years) tells about her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Rella.
The mother corrects it: "Mrs. Kurella."
Anja: "But you don't say cow!"


Mark (4 years) and bee (6 years) sit at the table and do handicrafts.
Mark only sits there and watches.
Bee: "What are you doing Mark?"
Mark: "Nothing, I'm lazy."


Josif (5 years) watches a pregnant woman eat liver sausage bread.
Finally it bursts out of him: "Are you getting a brown baby now?"


Josephine (4 years) and Laura (5 years) sit at the table and talk about siblings.
Laura: "I still have a half sister." Josephine thinks for a while, then: "So I have a whole sister."


Adam (6 years) insists that he gets the first piece of the birthday cake, even though he is not the birthday child at all.
His mother outraged: "Where does it stand ?!" Adam: "On the Internet!"